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CCR Diagram Semi & Closed-Circuit Rebreather Diving

Rebreather diving is SCUBA that recirculates a portion (SCR) or all (CCR) of the exhaled breath through a carbon dioxide scrubber/absorbent, adds oxygen, and returns to be re-inhaled. Open-Circuit (OC) SCUBA discards 97% of the compressed gas. Nitrox reduces decompression requirements, and Trimix reduces narcosis; all these benefits are maximized in close-circuit diving. The diver enjoys deeper dives, longer bottom times, and warm moist air. And all those noisy bubbles of open-circuit can frighten away the very marine life we dive to see and commune with.

With each addition layer of technology is the increased need to be aware and able to take manual control when automated technology fails. The Semi-Closed is a lower-tech lower-cost approach using a constant flow of Nitrox to meet the oxygen needs often without using computers nor expensive oxygen sensors. Noisy bubbles again; but, fewer in number while greater chance of O2 poisoning and CO2 blackout compared to closed-circuit. Real-life scenario training is still extremely important.

Wakulla Diving Center conducts Rebreather training on an as-requested basis with a minimum class size of two students. Unlike most training programs that teach a student to act like a robot, Wakulla Diving Center mentors the student to understand what is behind the unique aspects of rebreather diving. Please see if there is a class you can join by selecting the 'Schedule' menu choice above. If not, then click on the 'Request' menu choice to set up a class or request being added to the wait list.

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CCR Diver


Available Instructors

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The average course involves 8 full (really full) days of lectures, pool sessions, and open water shallow to deep dives. This does not include lodging, meals, transportation, absorbent, nor air fills. WDC has negotiated some local lodging discounts and there is free RV parking and primative tent camping behind the Diving Center for those so inclined. Recommend arriving ahead of class since we find students arriving/shipped incomplete units, broken units, and desiring to customize. WDC has over fifteen fully-functional different CCR models in house. As a Certified Repair Facility for most current rebreathers and having additional staff, rarely is a student unable to complete the course due to equipment failure. And WDC has spares too!

* * * Rebreather models WDC has "in-house" for study, demo, training, rental, and retail * * *

KISS Logo Classic front Classic back
Poseidon Logo Discovery front Discovery back
Classic - WDC can repairs these Discovery MK6 - WDC Cert Repair Center
Drager Logo Dolphin front Dolphin back
Ambient Pressure Logo Evolution front Evolution back
Dolphin (SCR) - WDC Cert Repair Center Evolution - WDC can repairs these
Hollis Logo Explorer front Explorer back
Ambient Pressure Logo Inspiration front Inspiration back
Explorer - WDC Cert Repair Center Inspiration - WDC can repair these
Inner Space Corp Logo Megladon front Megladon back
Dive Rite Logo Optima front Optima back
Megladon - WDC Cert Repair Center Optima 2 - WDC Cert Repair Center
VR Technology Logo Ouroboros front Ouroboros back
Inner Space Corp Logo Pathfinder front Pathfinder back
Ouroboro - WDC Cert Repair Center Pathfinder - WDC Cert Repair Center
Hollis Logo Prism 2 front Prism 2 back
Drager Logo Ray front Ray back
Prism 2 - WDC Cert Repair Center Ray (SCR) - WDC Cert Repair Center
VR Technology Logo Sentinel front Sentinel back
KISS Logo Sport front Sport back
Sentinel - WDC Cert Repair Center Sport - WDC can repairs these
Poseidon Logo Tech 7 front Tech 7 back
Tech SE7EN - WDC Cert Repair Center

Row of CCRs as footer.