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couple on surface snorkeler on bottom Skin/Snorkel Diving

The means to float on the water surface with the face looking down for extended times. Employs a tube (snorkel) to breath through with one end in the mouth and the other above the water surface. For clear viewing, a mask is placed over the eyes providing a handy head strap to attach a snorkel to. The "diving" consists of descending while holding one's breath to recreational depths typically no more than forty feet. Upon returning to the surface while remaining face looking down, a strong blast of exhaled air clears the water out of the snorkel to resume normal breathing. This is the key skill that typifies skin/snorkel diving. Open-Circuit divers typically snorkel while on the surface to conserve the air in their SCUBA tank.
famous m/f/s wall

Additional equipment is added to match the purpose; fins for propulsion, goodie bag for collecting, wet/dry suits for cold water, speargun for fishing, camera for picture taking, surface dive flag for safety, and so on... Those who have confidence in their swimming easily self-learn in a swimming pool or pond to breath/clear the snorkel, hold the breath for diving, and even to clear the mask of water while underwater. Many have overcome their fear of water and learned to swim by first learning to use the mask/snorkel combination.

A properly fitting mask is crucial to enjoying the sport of ocean/lake skin diving. You will find no greater selection of masks, snorkels, fins, and skin diving accessories than at the Wakulla Diving Center retail store.

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