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Cylinders and Valves
Single Cylinder
At Wakulla Diving Center our PSI/PCI certified technicians perform and instruct visual inspections both internally and externally per CGA and PSI/PCI standards.   We are an authorized Hydrotest facility equipped with a short and tall jacket capable of testing "K" and "T" bank cylinders, all manner of SCUBA, and SCBA cylinders.   All of our technicians are qualified to DOT standards.

Cylinder Services:
     Annual Visual Cylinder Inspections (VCI) for Air, Nitrox, & Oxygen
     Cylinder Hydrostatic requalification, every 5 years
     Cylinder tumbling
     Valve cleaning recommended annually
     Pressure relief device (PRD or Burst Disk) replacement, recommended annually
     Oxygen Cleaning
     Eddy Current testing for 6351 alloy cylinders at the time of visual cylinder inspection

Valve Services for:

     Thermo and XS scuba      Dive Rite
     Blue Steel      Genesis
     Sherwood      and many others...

PSI/PCI Visual Inspector training is also offered for those interested.

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