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Blended Gas Fills
Line of Tanks
Wakulla Diving Center is committed to providing clean and accurate gas blending. We test our gas quarterly and post the results. Visit our Drive THROUGH Fill Station. We offer banked Nitrox, O2, Air, and custom blended oxygen and helium based breathing gases.

Current gas pricing:
        Air  $.09/cf
        Nitrox 32%  $.11/cf
        Nitrox 34%  $.12/cf
        Nitrox 50%  $.17/cf
        Trimix 21/35  $.37/cf
        Helium  $.76/cf
        Oxygen  $.35/cf
        Argon  $.35/cf   for drysuit inflation
        CO2  $.25/oz   for Paintball and Kegerator cylinders

Custom blends are available for $4.99 per regular cylinder.

Cylinders with a current Wakulla Diving Center Visual Inspection sticker save $.01/cf.

Rental Cylinders are also available for Air and Nitrox.

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