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Rental Gear

Wakulla Diving Center rents the following to certified divers (please bring your cert card and credit card as a security depost):

     Buoyancy Compensators with integrated weights and cylinder attachment   price/day
     Regulator with pressure gage, depth gauge, compass, and Nitrox computer   price/day
     Cylinder (80 or 72 cf), w/ Thermo DIN or Yoke valve filled w/your choice of gas   price/day/gas
     Hookah compressor with float and 60 feet of hose for 2 diver support   $50/day
     Doubles (side mount opt) cylinders various sizes and pressures (95-120cf)   price/day
     Rebreathers with cylinders and sensors (you must provide expendables)   $100/day
     Scooters with batteries fully charged   $100/day
     Cave Lights with rechargeable batteries fully charged   price/day

We do NOT rent wet suits, masks, snorkels, nor fins as they are personal clothing that conform to your body rendering them less than acceptable when used by many people over time.   WDC offers an extensive selection in our retail store.

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